Andrew Johnson

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My practice and associated research project at Wimbledon focused on war imagery. I drew extensively from the Ridley Scott film ‘Black Hawk Down’ (2001). I have now started a PhD degree at Royal Holloway under the supervision of Chris Townsend, and am directing my attention towards Modernist early twentieth century British painters. What interests me is how and why World War 1, (1914-18), affected their modes of representation.

For artists, the representation of warfare has throughout the ages presented a multitude of conflicting interests, from the heroic and the sublime, to the pseudo realism generated by the media, (and the State). in more recent times.

My painting output this year has included a number of subjects; ranging from images from the Cronenberg film ‘Crash’ (1996), some paintings of the River Elbe near Hamburg, and currently. a ‘vanitas’ painting entitled ‘Is This It?’. Although the subjects are diverse, all retain my ‘exposed grid’ process of breaking down and destabilizing the image.



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